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what to pack...

let's discuss what we should/shouldn't bring! i've heard many times not to bring as much as you think you want to because you won't need it all. so share some packing tips : )

also- this might be a silly question but, how many other cpers, if you know, usually have their parents with them the first day? mine are going to be there, but i don't want it to take away from me meeting people right away!
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My dad has come with me to all 4 of my check-ins.
okay awesome. haha. i couldn't imagine them not coming, but i didn't know. thanks : )
You probably already saw this, but:
i have that book marked! your entire journal has helped tons, you should write a book : )
For me it's packing practical things vs. entertainment... such as my scanner and plushies.

Does anyone know if the computer labs have a scanner?
When I went down, I mostly brought clothes with me. I bought stuff like bedding, towels, toiletries, etc. there. And it was good to see what my roommates had so we didn't have two or more of everything. My roommate and I chipped in for a TV and DVD player together. Just remember that you can buy things there and you'll probably end up with so many things at the end of the program that you can't take it all back with you (without shipping a lot home, anyway).

My mom went down with me. And another of my roommates' parents were there. It's not uncommon. There's a little parent's meeting area in front of the club house where they can hang out while you check in. I don't think it took away from meeting anyone -- I met all my roommates and a few neighbors. You have 5-7 months to meet people. :D
i'll be driving so i guess i can take a little bit more than others that are flying, but buying stuff down there that i would have ot buy anyways is a great idea.

and yeah, 5 months, but i just remember at college i spent my whole first night sitting in my dorm with my parents haha.
When went down for my first program in 2006 I brought way too much stuff. My mom and I had driven cross-country so I would have my car. It was pretty much packed to the brim. My closet was stuffed with stuff. It wasn't too bad untill I started buying stuff there and packing my car back up to leave was really difficult. I would suggest taking less rather than more because you do end up buying a lot of stuff down there. One of my favorite stores was Property control. It's a store just for cast mambers where they sell broken or damaged merchandise. It's awsome. That's probably where I bought most of my stuff down there.

This time I am flying down, so I wont have as much space. I'm planning on buying a lot of stuff while I'm down there. My roommate and I are planning on buying a TV and spliting the price. I'm definitly going to buy a bed side lamp so I don't have to worry about turning on the overhead light when my roommate is sleeping.

I think the best thing to remember is there are all kinds of stores around and if you forget anything it's pretty easy to go buy it or have your parents ship it to you.