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So since I'm getting a bit stir crazy waiting for august 25th to roll around, I shall say my hello to all you lovely people!

1. Name: Jessica.. or Jessie...or Jess.
2. Age: 21
3. University/College: University of WI - Stout
4. Is this your first time to do the program?: yup!
5. What Disney theme parks have you been to?: WDW
6. Favorite Disney ride?: Oh but I love so many of them~ ah, I'd probably have to say Test Track
7. Favorite Disney movie?: currently it's Wall-E but if we're counting ones that Disney has released but technically not made, then Howl's Moving Castle.. or any Ghibli film really. But that seems like cheating so I'll stick with wall-e
8. Favorite Disney Character?: M-O (from wall-e).. but it's likely to change at any given moment
9. What will your role be?: costuming
1o. What is your arrival date?: August 25th
11. Anything else we should know?: I am a giant nerd and am quite proud of it. Btw, anyone else think Kingdom Hearts was one of the best things Disney has ever done? (mind you I still haven't gotten around to playing the second one >__<)


1. What is your first Disney memory? Probably the first time I went down to WDW.
2. Were you scared of any Disney movies as a child? (or now?) Not really, my family is really into sci fi movies, and the monsters in those were much scarier then the ones in disney movies
3. Were you scared of any Disney rides as a child? (or now?) Great Movie Ride. You know the Alien part? Where the ride stops and Sigorney Weaver's character comes out, then two or three aliens pop out too? Yea the one that came down from the ceiling had me cowering under my mom's legs the first time
4. As a child did you have a crush on any of the Disney characters? lol no, but I really wanted to be Belle for the longest time. Oh goodness that library still has me drooling
5. If you could magically choose ANY job at WDW, what would it be? Imagineer! Oh design, how I love thee, let me count the ways....
6. If you could play as any character (fur or face) at WDW, who would it be? Alice~
7. Who is your favorite Disney princess? Belle probably, but Meg is up there too.... wait does she count? Well close enough
8. Who is your favorite Prince? Beast. You keep your pretty boys, I want fluffy cuddles
9. Who is your favorite non-Princess girl? Ah, ooo hard choice. I'm gonna say Mulan, just because she wasn't a "princess", but I loved her character regardless
10. Would you be interested in craft parties? [/shameless plug] oh goodness yes please

oh! and I'm on the facebook group as well
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